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Tutoring and Enrichment Program

The Village Tutorial and Enrichment Program follows the basic principle of working together in our communities to build a better world. 


Our program is designed to remediate and enrich the talents of children from diverse backgrounds, while creating global awareness and respect for diverse cultures and people.

We bring attention to social and cultural influences that impact societies with teaching literature, science, art, history, mathematics, and volunteering locally and abroad. 

We offer innovative courses that reinforce the State of Georgia standards for learning while being fun and exciting!

Private tutoring available!  Email us at


The Village Tutorial and Enrichment Program

2695 Highway 42, McDonough, Georgia, 30253

Program Components:

Speech Bubble A+


The Village Tutorial and Enrichment Program

offers creative and rigorous remediation in reading or mathematics that is specific for each child.


We provide individualized planning goals to determine the individual needs for children who are under performing in reading or mathematics to help develop individual strength. We use a variety of strategies, manipulatives, and assessments 

in the progress and success of our children. 



Our mentoring program is a bonus experience for many of our children at The Village. 


The goal of Ujima is based on the principle of collective work and responsibility. With our mentoring program, our children develop positive relationships with members of the community.

We strive to educate on conflict resolution through the art of oratorical debate. 

Paint Brush



Our program strives to remediate as well as enrich. With this experience, our children have opportunities to explore art, music, computer coding, foreign language, science, culinary, and physical activities.


Our classes rotate by semester and are embedded with writing workshops and book clubs.

Test Tube


The Village week winds down

with a wind up in fun!

Our Friday Clubs is an extension of or weekday program with more time being devoted to chess, literature, science, computers, 4-H, cubing, art, and engineering club options. 

Our Book Clubs involve all

students and book titles are

student selected as well as the

club of interest.



We want to prepare our smaller citizens for the joys of reading!


Younger Villagers will develop reading skills with various author and book studies, trips to local libraries, and experience storytelling events.


Reading comprehension, vocabulary building, writing, and fluency strategies will be used for a special fun

period of each day.



Our program includes instruction on global awareness. Children learn about various people, cultures, foods, and environments around the world.


Our classes are theme based to further educate about a language, food, or place to deepen the understanding of various places with a country being the focal study. Children will participate in mentoring programs and participate in volunteer projects around their neighborhood and abroad in the summer of July, 2018. 

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